Video Blog Module for Divi

The FREE Video Blog Module is a custom Divi blog module that enables the display of Featured Videos when used with the Featured Video Plus plugin. Download it for FREE – No sign-up required.


Install the plugin like any other WordPress plugin. Upon installation you will be advised to install the ‘Featured Video Plus’ module which enables you to add a featured video to your blog posts. Without this plugin the Video Blog Module is no different than the standard Blog Module.

How does it work?

The Module requires no extra work on your part other than adding featured videos to your posts. When a video is added to a post, the video will replace the featured image in the Video Blog Module with the Featured Video. The only other difference between the Video Blog Module and the standard Blog Module is the overlay feature which is disabled via CSS on Featured Video posts.

Other Settings

The default settings in the ‘Featured Video Plus’ plugin should be sufficient for the Video Blog Module to display videos on your site. The Video Blog Module doesn’t alter or affect any of the settings in the ‘Featured Video Plus’ Plugin which has various settings for different types of videos. I haven’t tested them all but any support requests related to these settings should be made to the ‘Featured Video Plus’ author.

The Video Blog Module for Divi plugin is not endorsed by, nor are we affiliated in any way with the Featured Video Plus plugin Author.

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