Qboid Module

The Qboid Module is a 3D effect rotating fullwidth slider module made up of four full screen sides that rotate on scroll, click or swipe.

The Qboid Module was inspired by a Russian website that I saw some time ago. When using the Qboid Module, each side of the Qboid Module (up to four) can contain content including Images and Video just like the standard full-width slider module in Divi. For more advanced usage the Qboid Plugin can also be used independently of the Module (you’ll still need the plugin to be active) simply by adding a class to a Divi Builder section. Although described as a slider module it’s actually meant to be used as the only module on a page however, when taking advantage of it’s advanced usage, it’s possible to use it as a container/section for almost any other Divi module.

This can open up infinite customisation possibilities, more than I can come up! You can find sample advanced usage layout files on the Qboid website to get you started.

Demo’s and where to buy the Qboid Module

I haven’t put any demo’s on this site as it is basically used as an entire website although I am sure with a bit of editing it can be used in place of a slider on any webpage. When I can find the time I plan to create a Qboid Light version that can be used anywhere but I’ll probably lose the swipe and scroll feature for that and just have buttons to rotate the Qboid.

I may even add some more sides to it. Watch this space.

The Qboid Module was the first custom module I built for Divi and was originally sold exclusively on the Digital Goods Store, currently known as Bamazoo after a re-branding. It’s due for a much needed update and there is one in the pipeline.

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