The Customizer Extender Version 1.2.0

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Earlier this week I released the latest update for the Customizer Extender Plugin for the Divi WordPress Theme and Builder – and there’s a lot of new stuff to talk about!

Due to my lack of videos showing the C-Ext plugin in action, its perhaps no surprise to have received a fair number of enquiries asking what the C-Ext Plugin actually does. For me it’s always been fairy obvious so it’s always important to take a step back and see things from a potential customer’s perspective.

Before I do get stuck in to the new features, let me make this a little clearer and go over a few things that the C-Ext plugin can do and why it might be helpful to you.


First up, the globalisation of theme colors; the initial reason for creating the C-Ext Plugin. What I mean by globalisation, is that I wanted to create something that enabled Global Settings for the Divi Theme and Builder so I could change a setting that I used on multiple elements once and have it affect all of the elements. Much like you would do when using custom CSS. The Divi Customizer itself contains Global settings for many things but I felt it needed more, especially where colors we’re concerned. I wanted to save time when making changes and make it easy to change a color throughout an entire site without the need to edit multiple color pickers in the customizer as well as countless Divi Modules on countless posts and pages.

This becomes much easier when using Custom CSS Properties, or CSS Variables as they are also known. Although still fairly new, they are already widely supported in the majority of browsers, including Microsoft Edge; I know right?

Other Stuff

Whilst creating the plugin, it made sense to add more settings. Colors we’re good, but what about background colors, background images and gradients, or hover states and other pseudo classes and elements. As I progressed with the plugin these things got added and I am still adding more now. There really is no quick way to explain all of the settings, hence the recent release of the Interactive Demo which I urge you to try and will be more than happy to receive feedback on.

Moving on to Version 1.2.0

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the latest features of C-Ext 1.2.0 and we’ll start with the Custom Border Settings.

Much like the Custom Background and Custom Color settings before, the new Custom Border Settings allow you to add your own custom CSS selectors and then apply various border settings to those selectors/elements. We have the usual C-Ext Color Pickers to set the border-color property. A drop-down selector to set the border style, two ‘range sliders’ for setting the border width and border radius, and some custom check boxes for choosing which borders to use i.e. top, left, bottom and right.

There are six of each setting in total just like the existing custom background and color settings and these can be found in the same customizer panel titled ‘C-Ext Custom Elements’.

The Theme Options Color Palette…

The Theme Options Color Palette was initially used to set the colors of the C-Ext color pickers. Linking the C-Ext Color Pickers to the Theme Options Color Palette meant that once set up, very quick site wide changes were possible, but these did come at a cost. Most importantly it didn’t allow you to preview your Theme color changes before making them live. I needed to rethink this.

Problem Solved

In Version 1.2.0 there is a new C-Ext settings page in the WordPress dashboard. At present, there is only one setting (stay tuned for more) that allows you to change between the Theme Options Color Palette and the new C-Ext Customizer Color Palette.

Enabling the C-Ext Customizer Color Palette removes the link between the C-Ext Color Pickers (stay with me) and the Theme Options Color Palette and instead links them to a range of 12 color pickers in the ‘C-Ext Palette’s‘ Panel in the Customizer. When using this option you can now set your main color palette using the 12 standard color pickers, and after initial setting up of your theme, changing them will instantly change linked elements in the Customizer Preview Pane. Not only does this give you more color options, 12 instead of 8, it also means you can make full use of the recently added Customizer Drafts meaning you can change the entire look of your site, save it as a draft and provide a link to your client for them to preview the changes before going live.

Well that pretty much sums up the changes in Version 1.2.0

I hope you’ll agree they are big and useful changes and of course, there is still much more planned for the C-Ext plugin in the coming months to look forward to. For now, if you haven’t already bought the C-Ext Plugin, please check out the new Interactive Demo.

For those already using the plugin, please get in touch if there’s anything you need help with or you have any feature requests for future updates.

Stay tuned for news on what’s coming in Version 1.3.0

The Customizer Extender for Divi

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The C-Ext Interactive Demo

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