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Today I am proud to announce the release of my latest plugin for the Divi WordPress Theme and Builder – the Image Zoom Custom Module; available to buy now at Elegant Market Place.

The main feature of the Image Zoom Module is a Pan and Zoom effect on hover but that’s not all it’s good for. One thing missing from the Divi arsenal of Modules seems to be an easy way to add a text overlay to an image. The Blurb Module does this but there is currently no way of centering the text content vertically without custom CSS (You can find a couple of tutorials on how to achieve this with the Blurb Module on this site).

How will this help?

The Image Zoom Module, although more of an image module it does place the image in the background much like the Blurb Module. It also doesn’t include the option of opening the image in a lightbox. What it does have is a Title and Subtitle field that when used are automatically centered horizontally and vertically over the image so even without using the Pan & Zoom option which can be disbaled/enabed in the settings, it’s a great little plugin for showing an image with a text overlay.

Also worth noting is when adding a link URL, the entire module is a clickable link instead of just the Title.

Custom CSS options

I decided rather than adding a ton of settings to the module it would be better to enable the user to add custom CSS for content hover effects. The Image Zoom Module adds Custom CSS boxes for various static and hover states allowing simple transitions for the Title and Subtitle fields. For example, using the Custom CSS boxes it’s easy to add/remove a background overlay color on hover like in the example below or you can see more examples of this on the plugin Demo page here.


The Future of the Image Zoom Module

Future updates may include the Lightbox option if enough people request it. There will be options to fine tune the position of the text elements in the next release. If there’s a specific feature you want to to see in the Image Zoom Module you can leave feedback in the comments, the subscribe for updates form on this page or on the on the plugin page.

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