Divi Speciality Section Columns – A Convenient Bug

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I’ve been ‘tweaking’ the hædworm site recently and trying out different layouts using Divi’s Speciality Sections. I’ve not used them much before and although I like them It’s always perplexed me why there are only a few column options on the inner-rows; three to be precise.

The standard three options are single, two and three columns but occasionally I find myself wanting more. As luck would have it, recently while playing around with the specialty sections I inadvertently discovered a bug that enables access to all of the column options that are available in the standard section rows.

On first discovering the bug while creating a layout, I selected the first column option that I thought would be useful, the 2/3, 1/3 coloumns,  and saved the layout to the library for future use, not really expecting it to work, but as luck would have it, it did. So I now had a 2/3, 1/3 row available in the Speciality Sections. No plugin or coding required.


Getting even more column options

Now that I had one extra, I was on a mission to re-create the bug and get me some more column options. I tried a few things until eventually I got the column options again. Then I did it over and over, saving each layout to the library. It took some time, and soon after I figured out how to repeat the bug as many times as needed in one layout so I created a single layout with all of the options and saved that to my library.

How you can do it too

OK, enough about me, I bet youre dying to know how to do it yourself so without further ado (is that a word?), get yourself a layout to work with. Stick with the back-end builder (I haven’t tried this in visual builder) and add a Speciality Section. Select the initial layout you want, then in the inner-row, click the ‘insert column’ button. You’ll be presented with the standard available three options. I don’t think it really matters which one you choose but for consistancy, choose the single column.

Now, before you do anything else, duplicate the inner-row with the duplicate icon.

Once again, before doing anything else, click the Coloumn setting Icon in the new row.

Voila! You should now be presented with all of the column options that are available in a Standard Row.

Not Working For You?

I guess that’s the thing with bugs, luck of the draw but don’t fret. I’m using the latest version of DiviVersion: 3.0.98 at the time of writing so maybe it’s limited to this version, or maybe not. Either way, you can download my blank layout file below. I’ve used a 1/4, 3/4 Speciality Section but you should be able to add it into a page from your library, create a new speciality section and move the inner rows to your own section.

Always a Caveat right?

Every silver lining has a cloud and in this case it’s when you use the inner rows that contain a 1/4 size column and probably the 3/4 size columns too. I haven’t personally tried and tested all of the different column options, but it seems because 1/4 columns (and 3/4 columns) aren’t native to the Speciality Sections, you will need to adjust them with a little CSS and a calculator. Get in touch if you need help with a specific layout and I’ll happily take a look.

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