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What do I do?

I design and develop websites as well as host and maintain them.
For more information on that sort of thing please go to my other website where you can find everything you need to get a website of your own, like this one, or like that one, or like any other website you like the look of built for you and hosted on quality UK hosting. I can also provide hosting for your Divi websites, if you look really hard you’ll find more info on that on this very page. 🙂

Why is my website called Hædworm?

Hædworm is just an alias, my real name is Darren Woodley, you may have seen me on Facebook. I’m from the days when using your real name online was actually really weird so I opted for something outside of the iron chains of conformity because I’m rebellious like that. I also like the word because it doesn’t mean anything which means I can say it means anything I want it to mean. I don’t actually have any worms in my head… at least none that I’m aware of.

It’s a bit like Earworm except it’s not.

A similar word, Earworm is often used to describe a catchy tune or song that doesn’t go away.

Earworms are also occasionally referred to as Brainworms, but never headworms and certainly not haedworms or hædworms and definitely not xn--hdworm-pua’s which is a challenge to pronounce and why I only use it on browsers that don’t display hædworm correctly in the address bar.

So What Does It All Mean?

I don’t know what it ‘all’ means but Hædworm, I decided, means a thought that will not go away or a despicable hermaphrodite who’s imaginary sexual organs are wriggly and located in segments 10 to 12.
It is pronounced anyway the user chooses to pronounce it because pronunciation is unimportant on the internet and most people will only ever use it in the privacy of their own heads; a place which should always remain private unless your a politician.

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